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Together, Let's make Earth happy!

We are DOMI Earth, a social enterprise that helps businesses and families take climate action through energy conservation and carbon reduction. We aim to help others create positive environmental changes by effectively using technology and simplifying business models. We are driving a force to help more people become aware of the harm caused to our environment. Through our efforts, we help others to reduce their carbon footprint, thus, creating a better environment.

With our "Minus and Plus" model, we help companies generate transformational power from within and guide employees to change their daily lives. Only change can drive businesses to a better future, moving us to embrace a better tomorrow with enthusiasm, positivity and courage.


Alleviate Now

Minus mindset


Plant The Seed

Plus mindset

Decreasing unnecessary use of energy and resources can reduce carbon emissions; thus, reducing the burden on the Earth and allowing us to reflect and change our use of many natural resources in life.

Through environmental education and climate action, climate justice awareness can be inherited by the upcoming generation; accelerating the speed of change.  

DOMI Earth's three major services

Event Planning


Assist in ESG activities planning, and cooperate with various stakeholders to determine the needs of the business in order to effectively  expand its resources and social influence.

  • Corporate Tree Planting

  • Childhood Environmental Education

  • Rural Community Action

  • Climate Action

ESG Strategic Consultant


Assist businesses to cultivate an ESG awareness culture and take practical actions to create values that are beneficial to society and the environment while maintaining core operations.

  • ESStrategic Planning

  • Stakeholder Discussion and Communication Platform Planning

  • ESG Project Planning and Implementation

Thinking Course


Train company's organizational members in sustainable literacy. Spontaneously promote and actively participate in the sustainable transformation of the company.

  • ​Middle & Senior Managerial Level Training

  • Sustainable Leadership Boot Camp for Senior Executives

  • Employee Training Courses

Tree Planting

Our Story

Zuellig Pharma

Zuellig Pharma holds tree planting event every year. In 2021, ZP Tree Planting Family Day was held where employees brought their families from different parts of Taiwan to Sinyi Township in Nantou to plant 1000 seedlings.

Our Impacts

We are committed to transforming ideas into practical actions to help businesses find the best sustainable operational methods that is in harmony with society and the environment. Thus, through the power of business we can bring positive results to the world.


Total participants at our tree planting events 


Total trees planted for the Earth


Total families educated about environmental & climate preservation


Total underprivileged families improved their quality of life


Amount of carbon emission cumulatively reduced by companies


Amount of electricity cumulatively reduced for companies

42million W

Drive change for your company

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