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Rural Community Action

A win-win model for families and the environment

Underprivileged households often suffer from power shortages, where many may not have the capacity to replace the lighting equipment in their homes, resulting in increased electricity bills; thus affecting the quality of life. DOMI Earth works with businesses to understand these households' circumstances from three levels (economical, societal, and health). Through Poverty Stoplight assessment, we help these families improve their lighting equipment. Thus, reducing electricity expenses, and carbon emissions, improving quality of life, thus creating a win-win situation for both families and the environment.

​ How can my company participate?

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Online Classes

​ Teaching rural children through

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Energy-Saving Light Bulbs

Providing rural families with

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School Renovations

Assisting rural schools with

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Customized Plan

Brainstorming a

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Online Education Course for Children

DOMI Earth designed "Defender: Guard The Earth", a LIVE virtual course to cultivate climate experts by teaching children how to take climate action to protect the Earth. The course offers a full range of services, including course content planning, marketing, registration, parent contact and live online teaching. 

Participants|50 pax

Duration|50 min.

Suggested age|5-10 years old

Action Impacts

Combining creative art, music and dancing, handicrafts, communication and reading comprehension to fully stimulate children's self-confidence.


Bring energy-saving and carbon emission reduction awareness into the family, start the conversation, and lead parents to protect the environment!


Sponsor children to participate in courses, pass down the concept of environmental conservation, and increase environmental literacy.


Replace Energy-Saving Lighting Appliances

Work with county and city governments to invest in improving the environment of energy-poverty households. Corporations invest in resources input, DOMI Earth will select the area to be served, visit and get to know the needs of these families in the area, arrange the replacement of free energy-saving light bulbs, check the safety wiring, and provide energy-efficiency knowledge e.g. save money on electricity bills through actual actions.

Unit|30 families at a time

Action Impacts


Cooperate with relevant government units, local village chiefs, and for-profit or non-profit organizations to provide services in various places.

Replacing energy-saving light bulbs create a brighter living environment, and reduce the burden of electricity bills.

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Enterprises put resources into energy conservation and carbon reduction actions while also caring about the situation and rights of underprivileged groups.


School Renovation Project

Combining energy-saving and carbon emission reduction with childhood environmental education, starting from supporting the education and actions of rural schools by replacing energy-saving appliances, to achieve three main purposes: Energy education, Energy saving and carbon reduction and Implementation of power saving.

Participants|50 pax

Duration|90 minutes

Suggested age|5-10 years old

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Replacing old light bulbs and incandescent light bulbs with energy-saving light bulbs will greatly reduce electricity consumption, and achieve energy-saving benefits.

Lighten the Burden


School Hardware Renovation

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By organizing dynamic activities and displays on campus, students are educated on energy conservation and can build habits from their daily lives.

Sow the Seeds

Energy Saving Education for Children


Course Syllabus



Picture book


Game-based learning



Children understand the current situation of the environment and energy and lay a solid foundation in energy knowledge.

Share energy-saving tips, and use children's imagination to create carbon reduction actions!

Continuing the story of the picture book, we connect power-saving knowledge with  games.

Review power-saving knowledge and methods to see their understanding of this course.

Action Impacts

Replace old lighting appliances in the school, the dangerous corners are reduced, the environment becomes brighter, and the class environment for students is improved.


Through the improvement of the actual environment, we guide students to learn the knowledge of electricity use and deepen the common sense of electricity saving.


After the light bulbs are upgraded, the overall electricity bill is reduced, and the electricity bill saved by the school can be used to support other school projects.

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If you want to do much more...

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