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Corporate Gift Ideas

Every purchase is a choice

The Small and Medium Enterprise Division of the Ministry of Economic Affairs creates a Social Innovation Platform to handle "Buying Power: Social Innovation Product and Service Purchase Reward Program", encouraging businesses, organizations and government units to take the lead in purchasing products or services from social innovation organizations.


DOMI Earth has launched many sustainable products, providing new options for corporate gifts. Whether it is shareholder gifts, corporate gifts, employee gifts, festival gifts or corporate group purchases, you can try to consider sustainable gifts that will not burden the earth, and how to coexist with the future generations and the natural ecology in the consumption process.

Energy-Saving Timer

3.5cm x 7.6cm x 7cm

Install and leave, manage the use of your home appliances in one go

The energy-saving timer is in line with the use of life, helping you easily manage the use of electrical appliances in your home, so that energy-saving habits can truly integrate into every family, and technology is closer to the environment and people's needs. Energy-saving is very simple, with energy-saving timers, you can become a master of energy management.

​Product Features

1. Reduce standby power by 7-11%, saving annual electricity bills.

2. Three reminders for day-to-day: go to work, go home, go to bed

3. The small size does not occupy the socket, any socket is free to use

4. Two flat pins socket, suitable for a variety of electrical appliances


Children's Energy Education Picture Book

23cm x 23 cm (hardcover 42 pages)

Multiple interactive sessions to inspire children's motivation to reduce carbon emissions

Through an interactive process, energy education is deeply cultivated in the minds of children, hoping to inspire children's imagination and create the power to reduce carbon emissions! "Electricity-Eating Monsters at My House" will have a lovely and lively character who will lead the whole family to examine their daily electricity consumption habits and learn how to save electricity in life.

​Product Features

1. Suitable for children aged 4-10

2. Attached mission stickers to help absorb power-saving knowledge and develop habits

3. An online quiz is included to review daily energy usage habits

4. Multilingual versions (Chinese/English/Japanese/Thai /Vietnam/Philippines/Portugal)


LED Light Bulbs

Power 11W

Save up to 50% more electricity than energy-saving light bulbs

LED bulbs do not contain mercury, and their lifespan is 5 times more than that of energy-saving light bulbs, which is friendly to the environment. DOMI Earth's product has passed International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC62471) inspection, and has been proofed to have no ultraviolet rays, infrared rays, and will not cause blue light hazards.

​Product Features

1. The temperature is lower than that of incandescent light bulbs, creating a cool environment.

2. No ultraviolet and infrared rays, and no blue light hazards.

3. The product lifetime is 7.5 times that of incandescent light bulbs.

4. Two-year safety warranty