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New Challenges for Enterprises under the Shift of Sustainability Paradigm

Why Companies Need a Sustainability Strategy

The concept of ESG, which covers key aspects such as environmental sustainability, social responsibility and corporate governance, is becoming more prominent in the world. In the future, the coping strategy for global net-zero carbon emissions will definitely be a measure of enterprise's operating efficiency and an important indicator of long-term investment and strategic direction. The formulation of an enterprise's internal sustainable strategies has become an extremely important topic.


With the new era of rapid change, comes a new era that adapts to challenges. Enterprises should cultivate an ESG awareness culture, be active in mindset and actions, and have adaptive leadership to change when promoting ESG strategic plans. While connecting core operations to create social and environmental values that are beneficial to the social vision, ESG culture can also be accumulated and deeply rooted in the main body of the enterprise. This is the most important issue for business operators to think about and challenge.

​What is ESG?

Three Aspects of Business Operation Sustainability Assessment




  • Climate Change & Carbon Emissions

  • Air & Water Pollution

  • Biodiversity

  • Deforestation

  • Energy Efficiency

  • Garbage Disposal

  • Water Scarcity




  • Employee Benefits/Labor Relations

  • Gender & Diversity Inclusion

  • Human Rights

  • Labor Standards

  • Employee Engagement

  • Community Relations

  • Customer Satisfaction




  • Avoiding Conflict of Interests

  • Financial Disclosure

  • Climate Change

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Personal Data Security

  • Business Ethics

  • Competitive Behavior

3 Keys to ESG Transformation


Establish Corporate Mission

Set up a strategic blueprint for operations and sustainability, promote change from top to bottom, and encourage organizational members to participate actively.


Connect core operations

Lead a conscious culture and create sustainable actions. Take into account business behavior, while creating value that is beneficial to society and the environment.


Co-create change internally and externally

Design actions for sustainable transformation, use actions to exert corporate influence, and promote the concept of sustainable development outward.

What can DOMI do for enterprises?

ESStrategic Planning

Through strategic and management planning, we will help enterprises to incorporate ESG into enterprise culture and put it into daily operation activities to create a difference between the company and competitors.

ESGStrategic Positioning

Converge business goals and formulate sustainable strategies.

ESGLeadership Training

Boost green positivity and build a sustainable team.

ESGBasic Concept Training

Introduce the concept of sustainability and exert the impact of competence.


Negotiation and Communication Platform Planning

According to the industry type and characteristics of the enterprise, we will discuss and seek communication and agreement with internal and external stakeholders, and give feedback and suggestions on the operation of the enterprise.

Stakeholder Agreement

Establish a communication platform to match all stakeholders.

Employee Engagement Action Plan

Plan employees' participation programs to help cultivate employees' view on social change.

Corporate Volunteer Planning

Assist in planning social participation, and encourage more employees to participate in social change.


ESGProject Formulation and Implementation

Assist enterprises in planning ESG​ webpage, ESG project activities, and to meet the needs of the enterprise. We also promote cooperation with non-profit organizations with various stakeholders, and expand the implementation efficiency and social influence of enterprise resources.

ESGProject Planning Execution

According to the needs and goals of the enterprise, we plan suitable activities and assist in the execution.

Communication with External Organizations

Establish an external communication platform and complete the communication channel of ESG project planning content.

​Partnership Case Sharing

​Click any of the cards below to see the changes brought to the enterprises

​International Enterprises in Taiwan

QHow to localize the execution of sustainable transformation in the headquarters abroad and adapt to the local culture?

Q: How to make corporate values to not just be corporate policy, but be integrated into all aspects of employees work?

Concrete results:

While leading the sustainability training course for all employees, the middle and senior executives of a corporation must recognize the importance of their role in promoting sustainable management. The "Listening and Understanding Heart Project" will allow you to conduct dialogues across departments, taking stock of the company's past public welfare actions, environmental protection and energy conservation. You will be able to design "a sustainable model of leadership and learning in the local industry. Join global partners, learn the core values of the headquarters, build local community strength, and contribute to a better environment for the next generation".


The First Step to Enterprise Sustainability

QHow to balance sustainability strategy and business operation model?

Q: How to have the business sustainability strategy be more than charitable donations and environmental beach cleanups?  

Concrete results:

Through the consensus camp, the selected stakeholder diagram and the training results of the influential business model design workshop, combined with the sustainable strategy in the plan, re-examine how to achieve the goal through different means and paths, and develop through inspiration and guidance. Developing the company's own unique influential business model, sustainability and profitable growth are not two choices, but a mutual benefit.


How can Small Businesses Adopt Sustainability

Q: In a business model where you play a lone hand, how can we create a shared vision among teams?

Q:How to pursue sustainable operations in a small enterprise or independent enterprise?

Concrete results:

Through team building, while introducing sustainability training courses for all employees, we found that the core problem lies in the disapproval and high risks of the industry by ourselves and our family members. Therefore, we assisted in designing and thinking, so that the company's service content and industry characteristics can be presented in a complete and simple manner. In the process of serving the local area and contributing what I have learned to young students, I will find my pride and sense of identity, and I am willing to work together for sustainable management in order to inherit the value.

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