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Childhood Environmental Education

Kids as eco-heroes

We know that environmental conservation should start young; learning this knowledge is as natural as breathing and drinking water. Therefore, through the development of various types of environmental, energy and climate courses, through the relaxing ways of playing, singing and dancing, the concept will be deepened, and the sincerity of caring for the environment will be integrated into their minds' thinking, logic and decision-making. Inclusive and diverse, in line with the trend of the times.

Diverse Course Plan

Whether it's employee benefits for their families, family environment education for VIP customers, or a project for customers to participate in, DOMI Earth designs children's education courses that meet the needs of enterprises for stakeholders.

3-8 years old
8-10 years old
3-10 years old

Storytelling Workshop

​Physical|90 minutes per session

Using the picture book "The Electricity-Eating Monster is in My House" as a guide. Through interactive games, children can participate actively so that children can understand the connection between the electrical appliances around them and their lives. What is an electricity-eating monster? Let's find the answer together through the story of the picture book!

​Workshop Outline

​ Suggested age

children's book

Relationship between electricity and life

Energy Supply

Picture book storytelling


Electricity-Eating Monster hide and seek

Energy Monster

Daily energy-saving tips sharing

DOMI lightbulb

Energy-Saving Timer Workshop

​Physical|90 minutes per session

This light, cute and practical power-saving timer is a magic weapon for saving power in our lives and an exciting teaching aid. Combining scientific and hands-on engaging workshops, from understanding the principle of power-saving timers to the actual assembly, setting and use of parent-child interaction and learning, brings the relationship closer.

​Course Outline

​ Suggested age

Energy Saving Timer

Basic energy education

DOMI lighting icon

​ Mechanical principle demonstration


Timer assembly

Make a change

The box transform into piggy bank


Virtual LIVE Environmental Courses

Online|5 lessons per session, 50 minutes per lesson

​ Suggested age


Due to the pandemic, we have launched a series of online LIVE courses, "Defender: Guard the Earth". Cultivate little climate experts in life through moral education, consciously choosing and taking actions, letting the heart of saving the earth sprout from an early age, and implementing it in life education!

​Course Features

Choose either A or B sessions|Classes can be taken anytime, anywhere|Simultaneously launch bilingual courses

Electricity-eating monster is at my house

L 1|Storytelling

L 2|Monster Origami

L 3|Where does electricity come from?

L 4|Renewable energy is my expertise

L 5|Power-Saving Dance


Power-Saving Maruko Battle

L 1|Who is standby monster?

L 2|Maruko Theory

L 3|Hands-On Assembly

L 4|My Power-Saving Piggy Bank

L 5|Do you know about energy-saving labels?


Unleash the impacts of children through education

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