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Custom Event Design

Join us to create green value

We provide diverse, interdisciplinary and various types of activities, including climate change, environment and energy education, etc. Based on the company's purpose, organization and budget, we combine sustainable activities such as tree-planting, energy-related courses and supporting rural communities. We customized our services for you, exclusive enterprise Employee Day, Family Day, Customer Day, sustainable activity months, etc., providing more service projects in line with ESG policies, helping companies communicate from the inside out and building brand images, and investing resources for social welfare and environmental sustainability, exerting enterprise's influence.

Corporate Tree Planting

DOMI Earth plans various events for enterprises, e.g. brand positioning strategy, external communication methods, event content planning, venue design and configuration to the execution of the on-site event and the documentation of memorable moments on the day. We design projects tailored to align with your enterprise culture and spirit. Not only implementing sustainability investment in ESG, but also creating a mindset shift in your enterprise!


Childhood Environmental Education

Environmental education should start young. DOMI Earth has successfully cooperated with various enterprises, foundations, schools, and government units in the past to design children's energy and climate change education courses, and embed them into employee benefits or exclusive services for VIP customers. Through these courses, ESG responsibility can be implemented through the promotion of social education. It is also being formulated to be a public welfare project to provide funds so that children in rural areas with scarce resources can also have the opportunity to receive the same education, and the original intention of environmental protection is integrated into the DNA of the children during singing, dancing and games.


Support Rural Communities

In cooperation with enterprises, DOMI Earth understands the difficult circumstance of families from the perspective of economy, society and health through the assessment of Poverty Stoplight. We also help low-income families upgrade energy-saving lighting appliances, checks the safety of household electricity use, and creates a win-win situation for society and the environment through the improved quality of life and reduced carbon emissions.


Still can't decide? Don't worry!

Let's have a chat and let us formulate the best plan for your enterprise that combines business operations and sustainable strategies

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