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​Redefining Good Enterprise

Taiwan's First

We, as DOMI Earth, realized that we need to change, and hope to share this change in thinking with the world and move towards an inclusive regenerative society together. After getting B Corp certified, we discovered that there are already a group of people and organizations with the same ideas as ourselves in the world, so we decided to boldly apply for B Corp certification, where various aspects of corporate governance, employees, communities, society and the environment are being re-examined, and there are more opportunities to learn from better companies.


DOMI Earth hopes to do good
for the environment and
society through the
power of business.

Launched a new business movement in Asia

In order to gather the power of more people, we co-founded the Asia-Pacific B Lab Taiwan in 2016, becoming the first organization in Asia to promote B Corp certification. Jointly promoted BEST FOR TAIPEI with Taipei City Government; starting from Taipei, we invite more companies to join us to make the world a better place. Be the change! Continuing to assist Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Japan and other places to promote change.


DOMI Earth B Corp Milestones​

​Going forward with the goal of Best for the World


Become the first B Corp in Taiwan

On June 5th World Environment Day, we  officially became Taiwan's first enterprise with international B Corp certification. Promising to bring B Corp movement into Taiwan and Asia, allowing more enterprises to use their business to exert their influence on the environment and society.

1 (1402).JPG

Held B Corp Forum

First B Corp Taiwan Forum, inviting Former President Ma to give an opening speech. With over 400 companies joining, the B Corp movement officially began to spread in Taiwan, and at the same time assisting in the publication of B Corp magazine.

2016B Asia Forum_馬英九2.JPG

Established B Lab TAIWAN

The founding gardener and the other two co-founders jointly promoted and officially got authorized by B Lab USA to establish B Lab TAIWAN.


Led the execution of the first Best For Taipei Corporate Challenge

Through B Impact Assessment (BIA) of B Lab, discovered the influence of enterprises on the city and invited Taipei enterprises to become a force for change together!

截圖 2022-08-30 上午11.24.23.png

B Corp Conference

Held B Corp Seminar "Building Enterprises B Impacts - Connecting Taiwan's New Power" to communicate with the Taiwan government, academia, and industry to promote the common good of the ecosystem.


Received B Lab Movement Builder Award

Received the MOVEMENT BUILDER award issued by the B Lab USA headquarters, standing out from more than 1,600 B Corps around the world for the first time, and received the highest honour BEST FOR THE WORLD.


First B Lab Asia Forum

Gathering 7 countries in Asia, 19 B Corps, over 300 participants, cross-industry interaction, dedicated to promoting B Corp. In the same month named BEST FOR THE WORLD.


Participated in Toronto
APEC Business Advisory Council

Together with O-Bank Deputy Chairman Luo Yi-jun (co-chairman of ABAC Micro-SMEs and Entrepreneurship Working Group), participated in APEC Business Advisory Council, sharing the B Corp Asia movement.

IMG_1008 (1).jpg

second B Corp Asia Forum

Connecting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and various B Corp country representatives, cross-industry, government, academia, media, and over 500 partners gathered in Taichung for interaction.


Assisted in the promotion of
B Academy ASIA

Assist in the promotion of industry-university cooperation projects, and successfully cooperated with Fu Jen Catholic University and Feng Chia University to establish B Corp Center, cultivating B Corp thinking talents.


Triple Honors

Received BEST FOR THE WORLD award. Triple Honors: Overall Award, Community Award and Environment Award.


​Toured around Asia to push B Corp movement

Pushed and launched B Corp concept in Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines, assisting local social innovation enterprises to jointly launch B Corp movement.

To be continued...

Who wants to be in a B-level Corporation, rather than A-level?

B Corp does not mean "Second" but "Benefit". In 2007 the USA Non-Profit Group B Lab launched the certification and movement, which is the most influential corporate certification in the world, and currently over 83 countries all over the world, 156 industries, up to 5300 companies have been certified. By evaluating the five aspects of Governance, Workers, Environment, Community and Customers, the company's comprehensiveness performance is checked.


The community formed by B Corp does not seek to be the best enterprise in the world, but "the best enterprise for the world". The real success of an enterprise is not just about making profits, but about using innovation, speed, and growth thinking and ability to take care of stakeholders, make the community more friendly, build a more stable society, and rebuild the environment in order to operate sustainably.  

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