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Take Climate Action

I will do my part to change the world!

A lot is going on around us every day, and the environment is facing accumulated impacts over the years. Global warming and over-consumption issues are getting severe. Whether it is natural resources or food problems, they have reached the point where they are becoming scarce. Even the spread of viruses has brought mankind an unprecedented crisis.


As a part of the Earth, we cannot avoid it; we must stand up and face it together. Actions speak louder than words, do it for the Earth! Therefore, DOMI Earth launched an action, starting from ourselves, calling on everyone to join in, and using the power of unity to start changing, bringing greater power to us and the environment.

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Power is electricity, motivation, and force; Change is to adjust to being more balanced and sustainable.

Energy is the beginning of DOMI's decision to take action. We're finding the key actions in life that everyone can be involved in. Apart from reducing unnecessary energy consumption, we also aim to restore the balance of ecological health and build a sustainable living mechanism.

Project 1


Making a Difference for Consumers, Banks and Energy Poverty Households

DOMI Earth launched the Energy Prosperity Project, using the electronic bank statement to link up with you, the banks and energy-poverty families. During the project, we conduct electricity safety checks, change incandescent light bulbs to LED for families to save electricity, and improve the quality of life.

PTC elements(1).png

Values for...


Energy-poverty Households

Early-stage                  Build trust


Replace LED               Bring brightness and hope

light bulbs

Electricity safety.          Safe living space


Energy efficiency.         Saving more money



Increased branding image and recognition


Enhanced investment evaluation

Corporate Partners


Acceleration of financial digitalization


Reduced cost & maximized resources

Over 1.25 million people took action

Our Impacts


- Paper: 3,717,000pcs
- Annual carbon emissions equivalent to 270,000 trees
- Paper statements production
- Carbon emissions from mailing
- Energy: 1,969,000 kWh
​- Electricity bill: NTD 20,631,000


+ 1,070,000 e-billing users
+ More trees
+ Environmental education
+ Helped 4,235 families
+ Improve their life quality


My company wants to drive change together too!

Support the Project

Invest real resources as the funding for the Energy Prosperity Project to help more households improve their quality of life.

Promote the Project

You are welcome to contact us to obtain materials related to the project, to promote it internally and externally, and to exert your influence.

Explore Other Possibilities

Let us assist you to explore solutions to fundamentally improve the operation process and return the cost savings to the project.

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