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Green Talent Winner

Why companies need sustainable thinking talents?

All countries, economies, and all companies in the world are facing severe challenges such as climate change, the pandemic, and the political situation. Whether they can survive in a timely manner, or even win in risky maneuvers, depends on the ability of each organization to manage talents and the resilience of the sustainable development of the business. The sustainable trend will also rewrite corporate operations and risk management, and become a new operating rule of the market.


If business leaders realize in advance that sustainable development should be included in the key parts of business promotion and enterprise maintenance, and drive all departments to internalize sustainable development into their daily work, they will be able to adhere to the commitment of sustainable operation in response to crises, and even open up business opportunities.


Enhance the competitiveness of enterprises

The more individuals with green thinking, the more likely it is to open their imaginations to embrace innovative models, create opportunities for enterprises, and create competitiveness.


Create common prosperity and inclusivity

Take into account the responsibilities to all stakeholders, create a sustainable partnership with customers, and accumulate happiness and growth.


Let the crisis create business opportunities

Crisis is an opportunity to start sustainable operation. Cultivate corporate sustainable DNA, anticipate challenges, respond to them and generate more opportunities.

Transform sustainable thinking into mission growth driver

DOMI Earth is good at companionship and deep cultivation, cultivating all-round ESG talents with innovation and empathy as the core, breeding key characteristics, and building an influential business model: the ability to promote change, flexibility, adaptability, communication skills from the heart, and cultivate value creation leadership, actively assisting enterprises in transformation, and responding to changes in the world, with the goal of making the earth sustainable and beautiful.

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工作區域 1.png
工作區域 1.png

Long-term cooperation with medium and large enterprises and multinational corporations to understand the value, resources and difficulties they face.

Sustainable Mission Thinking

 Course Feature 1

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工作區域 1.png

With common good mindset & fresh perspective, enterprise sustainable vision leads stakeholders to move towards a common goal.

Create Enterprise Sustainability Vision

Course Feature 2

工作區域 1.png
工作區域 1.png

Absorb the necessary international trends and sustainable standards, and learn from different fields to create transformative leadership and help companies create success.

Combining International Success Stories

Course Feature 3


Pick the growth courses that best suit your team

Mid-Level Manager

Strategic Development / HR / Brand Marketing / PR / Business / Finance / CS/ ESG Office and other relevant departments

Have a sense of mission for sustainable development, have a strong desire to solve complex problems, and shoulder the responsibility of leading colleagues to practice sustainable development.

Senior executive

Founder / CEO / CSO / COO / CAO / CFO / Chief Sustainability Officer / CMO / Head of ESOffice / Board Member

The leader of the company's long-term strategic goals, leading the company to develop in the direction of sustainable management and hoping to gain greater business opportunities.

All Partners

Staff / Those who want to work on sustainability

Improve sustainable knowledge and skills, enhance workplace competitiveness, and expect yourself to become a necessary talent for the sustainable development of enterprises.


​ I am a mid-level supervisor


​ I am a senior executive


​ I am a grassroots employee


You will get


Collective strategic perspective, cultivate communication ability


Design an influential business model with the core industry


Learn to take inventory of resources to create company's impact project


Lead team members to find the core value and purpose of existence


Communicate and coordinate cross-departmentally


Combine core functions to enhance international competitiveness


Learn with the elite contacts in the Asian sustainable circle

AGC Journey

​Leadership Training for Sustainable Innovation Changemakers in Asia

Target: Middle and Senior Executives

Method: online live broadcast, English taught

Duration: 8 modules, 16 lessons, total of 64 hours

Want to be an executive leading a sustainability team?

Use soft skills to learn ESG issues and integrate into the company's operational decision-making, management process and corporate culture, and exert leadership to drive internal and external stakeholders to promote revolutionary transformation.


Tailored to company needs
Open sustainability leadership training courses


AGC Strategic LIVE

Asian Corporate Executives
Sustainable Leadership Training

Communicate easily through banquet, interact with sustainable managers of multinational companies and Asian operators to get connections in sustainability, and discover how ESG will affect business operations, through the new wave of ESG, creating new corporate value. The two-day training will share global cross-industry knowledge through actual cases of ESG business model, and then learn to build a comprehensive framework for corporate sustainability and steadily move towards sustainable transformation!

Target: Senior Executives, CEOs, Sustainability Head, Board Members

Method: Banquet (including keynote speech) and two-day physical training

Duration: 2 days, 14 hours in total

Location: Bangkok, Thailand (February 2023)


AGC Fundamental

Corporate Sustainability
Innovative Talent Empowerment Course 

Sustainable literacy refers to a person who has enough knowledge, skills and thinking to help themselves make a well-founded and effective judgment, so as to actively help build a sustainable future. Through a series of customized short videos, we assist in conveying sustainability issues and strategic orientations that the company focuses on.

Target: All Partners

Method: Audio-visual recording teaching materials

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