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What is Tree Carbon Power? Is it edible?

Have you ever felt utterly dismayed when you see news about unscrupulous entities massively deforesting or governments clearing trees for industrial development? This article will explore the concept known as "tree carbon power" and why trees are pivotal to our environment.

Understanding Tree Carbon Power

From the previous article about the Tree Planting Party, we learned that each additional tree on Earth can reduce approximately 12 kilograms of carbon dioxide annually. This fantastic benefit occurs because trees possess carbon absorption power, but the rate at which each tree absorbs carbon varies depending on the species, planting location, and distribution.

Besides carbon absorption, trees contribute significantly to environmental quality. The Environmental Quality Protection Foundation points out several key benefits trees offer, such as providing oxygen, soil conservation, and biodiversity enhancement. Studies have shown that seeing trees in our living environment can lead to better work performance. Marshall, a friend from the United States and partner of DOMI Earth shared his deep experiences; when overwhelmed with work stress, he spends a day in the forest conversing with trees, achieving profound relaxation and gaining new inspiration.

tall trees in a forest
Trees can absorb carbon and also bring positive energy to life.

The Magic of Tree Carbon Power

The seemingly quiet leaves we see are busier than anyone. When leaves perform photosynthesis, they not only produce oxygen but also convert and store carbon within the tree, eventually forming woody tissue. Tree carbon power refers to the plant’s ability to absorb carbon dioxide during photosynthesis. Thus, the more trees there are, the stronger the Earth's tree carbon power.

According to the Council of Agriculture, wood acts like a carbon dioxide storage bank. As long as it is not burned or decomposed, the carbon remains stored within the wood for a long time. If forests are unfortunately cut down, replanting can continue to utilize the growth of new trees to absorb and fix atmospheric carbon dioxide, highlighting the crucial role trees play in sustainable human living.

leaves of  a tree in the sun
Leaves perform photosynthesis under sunlight

Beyond Understanding Tree Carbon Power: Knowing Your Carbon Footprint

While trees can absorb carbon, planting more trees is merely a stopgap measure if our carbon emissions continue to increase. The Ministry of Environment reports that each kilowatt-hour of electricity used results in 0.625 kilograms of carbon emissions; a chicken leg lunch bento box emits 1.5 kg of carbon dioxide and even a pair of disposable chopsticks accounts for 18.27 kg of carbon emissions!

According to the United Nations Statistics Division as of June 2017, each person in Taiwan generates an average of 11.9 tons of carbon footprint annually, leading to numerous environmental issues. A straightforward and effective method to offset this carbon production is through planting trees, using their carbon power to eliminate our carbon footprints.

Therefore, DOMI Earth encourages everyone to adopt a Minus Plus Model carbon reduction lifestyle—starting with diet, transportation, and household appliances. Switch to energy-efficient devices or change behaviors to reduce carbon emissions; plant more flowers, grass, and trees in your community and actively participate in environmental education. Let's work together to rejuvenate our planet!

man planting trees with a child
DOMI Earth's green tree party held in Keelung

Take Action for a Sustainable Future

Aside from planting trees, there is so much more a company can do for sustainability. Join us in our journey towards sustainability with Power to Change by tackling Scope 3 emissions in your operations. If you would like to start with cultivating sustainability mindsets among your employees, Adaptive Game Changers Transition Institute is here to help you and your organizations lead adaptive journeys through leadership training, strategic facilitation, and team coaching. As we strive to create a meaningful impact, your involvement is crucial. Whether you're a business leader eager to integrate sustainable practices or an individual committed to making a difference, your actions can help shape a greener, more resilient world. Explore how you can be a part of this transformative movement by visiting DOMI Earth to learn more about our projects and how you can contribute to positive change. 


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