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From Expense to Impact


Connect Real Voices And Faces to the People You Impact.

We help corporations meet their environmental and social initiatives with our unique "Impact-as-a-Service" model focused on four critical Sustainable Development Goals.

Design Cost-Free Ways to Reduce Your Environmental Impact

We help identify and reshape climate actions into a technical effort to reduce Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions.

Re-Allocate Resources into Social Good

The resources saved are then used to address critical and local human rights issues and social inequality such as extreme poverty.

Empower Your Organization and Community

Create real, tangible, local impact where it matters most, and share it with your team and your customers.

Solutions For Corporate Sustainability Roles

Power to Change is for You If:

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You’re Eager to Make a Change But Are Unsure of the First Step

工作區域 12_2x.png

You Have Ideas but Lack the Resources

工作區域 13_2x.png

You’re Taking Action but Not Getting the Impact You Want

Change the way your company approaches sustainability - for good.

Trying to make positive change can be isolating and discouraging, often facing resistance from those who prefer conformity over transformation. At AGC Transition Institute, we’ve experienced these challenges and understand the resilience needed to overcome them. We are dedicated to supporting those on these transformative journeys because we fundamentally believe that:


We were people before organization. People can start making a difference.

Purpose matters

Work that is guided by an authentic purpose has the power to resonate.

Compassion matters

Sustainability done right will bring out the best in people.

We help others identify their leadership space, enabling them to lead meaningful change

Lead a meaningful journey

We help companies get to the core of what they truly stand for in their sustainability journey. It’s about ensuring that every team member, from the boardroom to the break room, realizes the value and impact of their work. Companies that excel in sustainability aren't just improving their technical skills; they're tapping into their core purpose to master the challenges linked to their key products or services.
This journey is more than just business development; it's transformation fueled by a deeper sense of mission.

Be the weaver of constructive change

We help individuals and teams bring SDGs to the local level so that everyone can feel invested in the work. We equip them with the critical leadership skills needed to initiate constructive conversations with stakeholders, both within and outside their organizations, to launch sustainability initiatives across different departments, and build programs that respond to actual needs. Sustainability tasks offer the opportunity to weave people together around a purpose that impacts the way we approach our work.
This isn't just training; it's about empowering individuals and teams to drive sustainability from the ground up.
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