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Power to Change: Bringing Revolutionary Sustainable Development to Financial Services

In Taiwan, at least 75 million paper bills are mailed out every month, generating approximately 475,000 kilograms of carbon emissions during the delivery process and using around 170 million A4 sheets of paper. This is equivalent to cutting down 21,000 trees, the same as losing half of the Daan Forest Park each month. At the same time, a group of people in Taiwan face financial burdens due to high electricity bills. Monthly living expenses become tight, preventing them from purchasing energy-saving appliances and lighting, trapping them in a vicious cycle of financial burden. Not only have electricity costs increased, but the carbon emissions from old electrical appliances and lighting have also risen.

In today's world, sustainable development is not just an environmental issue but is increasingly becoming a core value of innovation and improvement in all industries. Power to Change Energy Prosperity Project aligns perfectly with the needs of today's enterprises, reducing unnecessary waste and increasing social impact, creating a new form of contribution to the public good, and allowing everyone to create changes that transcend their capabilities through simple actions.

DOMI team visiting underprivileged families to replacing LED lighting fixtures

Difference between paper bills consumption rate in Taiwan and the height of Taipei 101.

Power to Change, in collaboration with financial institutions, has demonstrated how to combine business models and social responsibility to achieve both environmental protection and social contribution. Through its innovative Minus Plus model, the project integrates actions of consumers willing to go digital, where financial operators allocate resources saved from printing and mailing paper bills to support energy poverty households in installing energy-saving LED lighting, thus reducing carbon emissions and lowering electricity bills. Centered on the idea that everyone has the power to create change, the project invites consumers to act together, hoping to create ongoing energy justice actions.

Collaboration with Financial Institution Enterprise DBS Bank (Taiwan)

Taking DBS Bank as an example, this partnership has broken through the framework of traditional banking services, transforming saved resources into social value. By converting paper bills to electronic ones, they not only reduce paper waste and carbon emissions from transportation but also improve customer service efficiency and satisfaction.

We were fortunate to interview Happy, the Digital Finance Manager of DBS Bank, to hear her views and experiences on the collaboration with Power to Change.

"This partnership not only made our bank operations more efficient but also allowed us to actively participate in social responsibility initiatives. Seeing our customers benefit from our changes, contributing to environmental protection, and helping those in need makes the entire team very proud." - Happy

Happy being interviewed for the testimonial video

Question: As a corporate manager, what motivated you to participate in the Power to Change project?

Happy: "Joining the Power to Change project was simple: it not only helped rural families but also brought cost-saving opportunities to our bank. Customers could receive bills faster, get better service, and by a simple gesture, help others, increasing their satisfaction with our services. In 2023, our individual customers saved about 70 million NT dollars. This not only enhanced customer loyalty but also made them feel a sense of accomplishment in participating in social responsibility, making it a win-win-win project."

Question: Can you describe DBS Bank's journey in participating in the Power to Change project?

Happy: "Initially, there was some doubt during discussions, whether this case could go through. We all knew we weren't purely a charity, and indeed, we faced challenges at the start. Being a large system, the bank had many discussions because we had never signed a contract like this before. This was the first time we encountered a contract where you save a certain amount of money and then allocate a portion of the saved expenses."

"But after the DOMI Earth team explained through videos and project presentations, we understood and, of course, being good at calculations, we found that the project was actually beneficial for customers and the bank. The original idea was correct, and fortunately, we didn't doubt ourselves then. Later, we also persuaded all relevant internal process units, and colleagues were very supportive. We truly felt the dedication and hard work of the DOMI Earth Team."

"During the process, we went from doubt to recognition and finally went all out to overcome challenges to collaborate. Over the past two years since the project was launched, seeing the changes we have brought to society, especially the installation of LED energy-saving lights for economically underprivileged families, has truly touched us."


Question: What has the DBS Bank team gained from participating in this project over the past two years?

Happy: "This cooperation not only allowed our team to step out of the office and go deeper into society but also boosted our work morale. It showed us that even small changes can bring great happiness to customers. Such experiences encourage us to continue to drive change, not only within our bank but also hopefully throughout the financial industry."

In this process, we have witnessed how the solidarity of Taiwanese society can drive significant changes. Each individual and institution involved is part of a larger social network, and their every action contributes to building a fairer and greener future. This inspiring interview video calls upon all financial peers to join Power to Change, convert all paper bills to digital, and assist Taiwan's vulnerable families.

Watch the video below to see the complete interview of Happy:

Want to learn more about collaborating with Power to Change? Please arrange an online meeting time with us!

In addition, if you are a customer of DBS Bank and wish to support our project, please join the Power to Change initiative. Simply click the link below to easily switch your bill to electronic form, and your small action will greatly contribute to our common goal.


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