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Power-Saving Superhero: 8 Major Energy-Saving Tips to Become a Master of Conservation!

Summer is here again—worried about your next electricity bill skyrocketing? Let the Power-Saving Superheroes teach you 8 essential energy-saving tips to avoid wasteful practices and easily save on your electricity bill!

drawing of a power saving superhero  kid
Come and join the Superhero Power Saving Alliance

Step 1: Switch to Energy-Saving LED Bulbs

The number one culprit of high electricity bills at home is the incandescent light bulb. Replacing a 7.2-watt shrine light bulb with an energy-efficient 0.5-watt LED bulb can save you over 300 NT dollars a year.

led light bulb
DOMI Earth LED light bulb

Step 2: Use Timers to Combat Standby Power

Don't believe the myth that leaving your computer on doesn't consume much power!

A typical desktop computer running idle for 10 hours a day without sleep mode will cost an additional 1,000 NT dollars a year. Conversely, installing a timer on your water dispenser, electric kettle, and set-top box can save you nearly the same amount.

electricity timer
A good helper for saving electricity - a small timer

Step 3: Set Air Conditioner Temperature to 26-28 Degrees

According to air conditioning comfort analysis, a temperature setting between 26 and 28 degrees Celsius is the most comfortable. Raising the temperature by just one degree can save 140 NT dollars a year. Using a fan in conjunction will save even more. Additionally, set the timer to turn off the air conditioner two hours before you wake up.

a white air conditioning machine
Fix air conditioning temperature at 26-28 degrees

Step 4: Develop a good habit of turning off lights at will

We've been taught since childhood to turn off lights when leaving a room. The Power-Saving Superhero also says, "Don't forget to turn off the switch before you leave!" However, if you're stepping out for less than three minutes, there's no need to turn off the light as it uses more power and shortens the bulb's lifespan due to frequent switching.

three light switches turned off
Develop a good habit of turning off lights

Step 5: Replace Old Appliances with Energy-Efficient Ones

Research by the Industrial Technology Research Institute shows that a 20-year-old refrigerator can cost 1,700 NT dollars more in electricity a year compared to a first-grade energy-efficient fridge. Therefore, choosing appliances with an "Energy Efficiency Grade 1" label or an "Energy Star" label is crucial.

The energy efficiency grading is symbolized by a thermometer, where the lower the grade number, the more energy-efficient the product is. Grade 1 represents high energy efficiency.

power saving levels for home appliances
Choose appliances with energy-saving labels

Step 6: Regularly Clean Air Conditioner Filters

According to data from the Industrial Technology Research Institute, not cleaning the air conditioner filter daily can consume an additional 0.67 kilowatt-hours of electricity, costing 230 NT dollars more a year.

person cleaning a dirty air conditioner filter
Fixed cleaning filter makes the air conditioner more refreshing

Step 7: Set Air Conditioner to Sleep Mode at Night

Statistics show that during the summer, reducing air conditioner usage by just one hour a day can save about 300 NT dollars over four months. Additionally, setting the air conditioner to sleep mode at night can help you save even more.

a dog sleeping comfortably in the lap of a human
Turn on sleep function to save power

Step 8: Avoid Frequent Opening and Closing of the Refrigerator Door

As kids, we loved opening supermarket fridge doors to cool off, but this wastes a lot of electricity. Always decide what to buy before opening the door! Also, keep the refrigerator about 80% full to allow air circulation, and ensure the back of the fridge is at least 10 cm away from the wall to help dissipate heat.

a refrigerator full of groceries
Don’t overfill the refrigerator
By changing these wasteful behaviors, you can save enough money to treat yourself to a nice meal!
Join the Power-Saving Superheroes this summer and start saving electricity today!

Join the Green Movement with DOMI Earth!

The DOMI Earth team comes from diverse backgrounds, but we share a single goal: to make the Earth better! Climate change is urgent—some may doubt or worry, but we choose to start making changes immediately. We use simple, easy-to-participate methods to invite more people to join us. We believe that the process of creating change must be joyful and filled with happiness, as symbolized by the smile in our logo. With smiles and love, we begin this transformation, embracing each better tomorrow with enthusiasm and courage.

It's never too late to start today. Join our energy-saving efforts and help create a world-changing, environmentally friendly movement!

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