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DOMI Earth: Taiwan's First B Corporation Leading Sustainable Change



A Commitment to Community and Sustainability

Changing Begins with Ourselves

DOMI, derived from the Latin word for "home," was inspired by the founders' homeland, Taiwan. Witnessing the ongoing environmental degradation and rising pollution, a group of dedicated individuals came together with a shared vision to make a difference. They united their efforts to create a more livable, hopeful environment for the current and future generations.

DOMI Earth: Pioneering Energy-Saving Solutions

a person holding a led lightbulb

DOMI Earth is dedicated to helping households and businesses save energy and reduce carbon emissions. Our mission is to foster environmental responsibility through practical energy-saving solutions. In our own offices, we lead by example: encouraging employees to use eco-friendly utensils, strictly practicing recycling, and installing energy-efficient LED lights and water-saving devices.

Located on the top floor, our office benefits from a "Cool Roof Party" where the roof is painted white to reflect heat, significantly reducing indoor temperatures. This innovation allows us to maintain a comfortable environment without lowering air conditioning settings, showcasing the effectiveness of simple, energy-saving measures.

Love the Earth: The Minus-Plus Model

Everyone talks about loving the Earth, but how do we do it concretely? DOMI Earth adopts two primary approaches: "Minus" and "Plus."

a woman smiling to the camera


  • Energy-saving products: Including LED bulbs and timer devices to reduce electricity consumption.


  • Tree planting events, children’s workshops, and educational books: Engaging the community and instilling environmental values in the younger generation.

Collaborating with the Government for Greater Impact

DOMI Earth collaborates with New Taipei City to promote the "+1 Energy-Saving Campaign." This initiative offers discounts and educational activities to encourage public participation in energy-saving practices.


Additionally, as the first accredited vendor for New Taipei City, DOMI Earth helps businesses navigate government subsidy applications, easing the burden of policy compliance and maximizing energy savings.

Supporting Energy-Poor Households

Energy poverty refers to a situation where a household spends more than 10% of its total income on energy. In Taiwan, there are nearly 5,000 low-income households (with zero income) that rarely use lights or fans. Children in these families often live and do their homework in the dark, unable to experience brightness or hope. Additionally, they use old and inefficient appliances that consume a lot of electricity, leading to a heavy financial burden from electricity bills.

DOMI Earth takes proactive measures by visiting these disadvantaged families to help them replace old appliances with energy-efficient ones, reducing their electricity costs and brightening their outlook for the future. By combining care and energy conservation, DOMI Earth creates more positive and impactful change.


Empowering Businesses and Consumers

Many companies are so focused on making a profit that they don't have the time to consider energy conservation. That's where DOMI Earth steps in. We accept commissions from businesses to assess their energy usage, manage the replacement of energy-saving equipment, and guide them through applying for subsidies for upgrades. This not only saves a significant amount on electricity bills but also boosts internal unity and fulfills corporate social responsibility.

While Taiwan has many skilled energy technology companies, few can translate their expertise into consumer-friendly language. Even when understood, energy conservation can easily become just a slogan. DOMI Earth plays a crucial role in accompanying and leading consumers to take action.

Join the Green Movement with DOMI Earth!

The DOMI Earth team comes from diverse backgrounds, but we share a single goal: to make the Earth better! Climate change is urgent—some may doubt or worry, but we choose to start making changes immediately. We use simple, easy-to-participate methods to invite more people to join us. We believe that the process of creating change must be joyful and filled with happiness, as symbolized by the smile in our logo. With smiles and love, we begin this transformation, embracing each better tomorrow with enthusiasm and courage.

It's never too late to start today. Join our energy-saving efforts and help create a world-changing, environmentally friendly movement!



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