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B Corp Asia Annual Meeting: Our Home Turf!

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B Corp Asia Annual Meeting

After nearly a year of anticipation and preparation, the Second B Corp Asia Annual Meeting was held at Taichung City Hall with over 500 seats filled and representatives from more than 10 countries. The event was inaugurated by Mayor Lin Chia-lung, and the entire DOMI Earth team participated fully to learn and experience the stories of B Corporations from around the world.

B Corporations: Balancing Environmental Sustainability and Collective Good

group of people smiling in the b corp anual meeting in taiwan

The annual Asia gathering was inspired by the past year's activities, where B Corporations from over 10 countries, including Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Hong Kong, actively promoted this borderless business movement using their ecosystems and local networks.

Everyone shares the belief that "B Corporation is not just a certification but a collective pursuit of achievable ideals, balancing profitability with addressing social and environmental issues."

Planting Seeds of Sustainability: Belief Will Blossom

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All the speakers and B Corporation entrepreneurs from around the world mentioned how they were inspired by DOMI Earth’s founder, Corey, and his efforts over the past few years. Despite limited resources and without headquarters support, the belief in solving problems made everything possible, enabling the second annual gathering in Asia to take place.

Participants eagerly booked their flights to Taiwan to share why B Corporations are so important to them and why they were willing to support this initiative.

What kind of sparks fly when entrepreneurs care not just about making money but also about contributing to the environment, their families, employees, and communities?

Join the Green Movement with DOMI Earth!

The DOMI Earth team comes from diverse backgrounds, but we share a single goal: to make the Earth better! Climate change is urgent—some may doubt or worry, but we choose to start making changes immediately. We use simple, easy-to-participate methods to invite more people to join us. We believe that the process of creating change must be joyful and filled with happiness, as symbolized by the smile in our logo. With smiles and love, we begin this transformation, embracing each better tomorrow with enthusiasm and courage.

It's never too late to start today. Join our energy-saving efforts and help create a world-changing, environmentally friendly movement!

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