I was so happy my third child, first daughter Phoebe came into the world on May 1st, because we had wanted a daughter for so long, God finally answered our prayers, and blessed with a healthy and beautiful girl. I am also very thankful that she was born on May 1st so I wouldn't miss our first tree planting on May 3rd, after so much anticipation and planning, it was great to be able to be there with the team to experience it first hand. 

I had my boys dressed the night before, so I could save time the next morning. The sight was in HsinChu which means a 3.5 hours drive, which meant we had to leave the house at 5:15. To my surprise as soon as I said "Get up, it's time to go tree planting", they had burst out of bed and walked to the door to wait for me. 

We had viewed tree planting to be somewhat sacred and serious, since it's the reason why we are doing this together. But on the day, everyone one was so excited, and glad to see each one, with the team working separately across Taiwan most of the time, we are happy to be together. Happy to report that our trees were planted with much joy and love. We all shared how we loved how "real" it was! Planting the trees with our own very hands. 

What was most meaningful for me, was being able to do it with my boys, seeing how excited they were, that they get to have this as a part of their memory. As they grow up, the trees we planted that day are also growing, one day they can go back and see how their tree had grown so tall they can stand underneath it for shade. 

Since that day my boys have been asking me quite often when we are going to go tree planting again. 

 David Co-Founding Gardener


05/03 首次種樹







創始園丁 David