What drew us to B Corporation was it's slogan "B the Change", how similar that was to the "CHANGE" we are always talking about for DOMI. In the beginning we just knew we wanted to start a company together to do something for our home, improve the environment around us. It was only later after a lot of discussion this is now a up and coming trend called Social Enterprise. 

Two of our core team members Brandon and David actually brought up B Corporation during a meeting (without knowing the other had it in their presentation). Filling out the online assessment took quite a while, but it was helpful tool, not only to complete the assessment, but also for us to examine our actions and approach to meeting the requirement to be a business that was truly good for the world. 

Corey and David were nervous about the Skype review call with B Lab Asian representative based in HK, not knowing what to expect. We think we scared the reviewer a little bit with our enthusiasm and passion. But she was super helpful and nice. 

After the review call there was submission of more documents and further reviews with both the Asian and broader international team, until they notified that we were approved to receive the B Corporation certification, the first company to do so in Taiwan! 

To be honest, we are both psyched and a little surprised that we are the first company in Taiwan to become a certified B Corporation. David and Tammy both think that now we are B Corp-ers, we need to engage other people also to join this meaningful global movement!

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成為一個B Corporation


B Corporation一開始吸引到我們是它的宣傳詞“B The Change!“因為CHANGE改變就是我們在做DOMI時不斷在使用的一個字眼。其實原先大家只是想要開始一個為環境做一些事情的公司,透過商務上的收入,除了維持公司之外,將一部份的資源投入環境的工作,一起為我們的家園做一點事情。後來我們才發現原來這叫做社會型企業,而且世界上很多人都開始這麼在“做生意”。後來沒想到很巧兩位核心夥伴Brandon與David在一次開會時沒有相約的狀況至下都提到B Corporation,這一切好像都是註定的!


接下來的電話訪談原本讓Corey與David有點緊張,因為不知道會談或問什麼,後來與在香港的B Corporation亞洲代表人聊的相當愉快。雖然我們猜她可能會有一點被David與Corey的瘋狂與熱情嚇到。

電話訪談之後我們接著需要準備許多文件附件背書,與亞洲還有國際的B Lab團隊來回討論,做調整。一直到他們跟我們說我們還蠻高分通過審查,獲得B Corporation認證,而且還是台灣首家B Corp公司!

成為台灣第一家B Corporation老實說讓我們很開心之外還有一點點驚訝!代表現在我們需要與B Corp團隊一起努力,讓更多人知道這個在改變世界的商業運動!

還有最奇妙的一點!我們是在2014/06/05世界環境節日拿到B Corporation認證,太妙了!

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Corey on phone review with David (taking picture) 

Corey on phone review with David (taking picture)