We are very excited and grateful for all the media attention we have been getting lately, a great encouragement and reminder that social enterprise is something people are beginning to care more and more about. Especially excited to find the interview Celia Staton made with us has been featured on "Escape the City" blog. Escape the city is a platform setup to help people connect with exciting non-corporate opportunities.

Click here for the full story: : http://blog.escapethecity.org/2014/11/08/planting-trees-setting-coffee-shops-supporting-social-enterprise-taiwanese-perspective/


很興奮最近有越來越多媒體採訪我們,代表社會企業是一個大家越來越注重的議題。很開心Celia Staton訪問Tammy的文章出現在Escape The City的平台上。Escape the City是一個幫助想要離開企業工作的人找到適合的非企業性工作,將自己的職業生涯用在自己重視或對社會有意義的事上,是這幾年國外很強的一股趨勢。讓我們看到全世界都有人一起與我們為我們的世界努力。

點這裡看這篇文章全文(英文): : http://blog.escapethecity.org/2014/11/08/planting-trees-setting-coffee-shops-supporting-social-enterprise-taiwanese-perspective/