Innovative Business Models to make Earth Happy!


DOMI was founded with a social & environmental mission by a team of seasoned entrepreneurs with backgrounds in technology, internet, economics, systems architecture, branding & PR.

The DOMI team believes that with technology and simplified business models, Change can be simple, if you care enough. Let’s DOMI together and make Earth happy.






Our Mission Statement 

We measure our success on level of environment and social Impact.

Because we believe that with today’s technology and solutions, if we care enough to make it happen, Change is simple.

DOMI is a team of individuals, who believe and pride ourselves to think this way,

we strive to simplify business models to make EARTH happy





我們堅持創造改變, 讓我們共同的家“地球”開心微笑,就是DOMI人的驕傲。

Becoming Taiwan's 1st B Corporation

DOMI is very honored to be the first Taiwanese company to be granted the B Corporation certification. Joining this global movement of people who are using business as a force for good. 

Going through the assessment, interview and review process has helped us to understand better what we are about and deepened our resolve in our mission. Imagine what the world would look like if more people did business this way.

To learn more about B Corporation

成為台灣第1個B Corporation

DOMI很榮幸通過認證成為台灣第一個B Corporation,國際上最受尊敬,以及成長最快的社會型企業認證。透過B Corproation我們很開心也正式成為“使用公司的力量做好事”這個國際運動的一分子。

透過B Corporation的訪問與評鑑的過程,我們更多衡量自己的價值,以及深深感受到這個使命的重要性。想想要是更多企業家用這種精神經營公司,我們的社會與世界不知道會是怎麼樣的。

想要更了解B Corporation請點這裡



DOMI began because we had this desire within us to do something for the environment and change how business is conducted. The more we questioned and discussed these ideas and thoughts among our core team, we discovered that in fact there are entrepreneurs and business leaders locally and around the world who share this vision, and are also making a difference with what they do. We joined B-Corp and 20 for future because we wanted to learn from others, partner up and to be responsible towards. It’s exciting to be a part of this movement that is driving business forward for the better.

DOMI會開始是因為我們一群人想要為環境做一些事情,同時也挑戰商業模式以及公司經營的可能性。當我們內部團隊越討論以及研究之後,我們發現不管在台灣還是世界其他國家,開始有一群創業家及商業領袖有同樣的使命,大家認為商業系統以及公司架構應該改變,為了讓世界可以更好。因此我們加入了B-Corp還有20 for future這兩個團體,為了就是要跟這些其他企業彼此學習,一起合作,還有互相的承諾與負責。


World leading certification for companies that want to be best for the world (not just best in the world). So far there are over 1160 companies in 37 countries, 121 industries that have received the B Corp certification. DOMI is the first B Crop in Taiwan. 

B Corp來自於美國,是目前全世界最具影響力的社會型企業認證。目全全世界37個國家有1161多家公司通過B Corp認證。一家公司要得到認證,需要經過B Lab嚴格的審核過程,確保B Corp公司對世界可以早成正面影響。DOMI是台灣第一家得到B Corp認證的公司。



20 FOR FUTURE 公益企業聯盟

Founded by Taiwanese electronics retailer SunFar chairman Wu Chin-Chang, which DOMI is also a founding member. 20 future members are Charity Committed Corporations committed to:

1. Legal and financially transparency. 

2. Donate 20% or more of profits for charity. 

3. Minimum of 2% of capital as minimum yearly donation

4. Every purchase benefits a charity, without costing the consumer more.  


由順發3C吳錦昌董事長,DOMI及所有聯盟成員的共同發起,大家秉持著相同理念與承諾, 自發性的來推動善念行動:





No.3, Ln. 265, Sec. 2, Heping E. Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 106

106 台北市 大安區 和平東路二段265巷3號



13F.-8, No.3, Ziqiang 3rd Rd., Lingya Dist., Kaohsiung City 802

802高雄市 苓雅區 自強三路3號13樓之8